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Friday, January 23, 2009

A Speak of Trust

Hi again, that's me in this photo, it was taken in front of Alexandria Bibliotheca I was waiting for a friend, and then I found three cutie kittens, and I decided to stay for a while..

Cats are very awesome animals, especially the Egyptian Mau breed, I have one his name is Volta, strange name for a cat, huh!! (but that's another story). The most thing I like about cats is their purr, it's very powerful, they are even used in healing people. I think they have more talents than we know about them. My cat Volta.. He is very intelligent, and he is very fast.

Perhaps cats can interact with other species (i.e. humans) in some other way than purring, what about mind power. We can talk about some telepathy here, it was believed the dolphins interact via telepathy too, they can send you visualized thoughts through their mind frequency, sometimes when two people think of the same thing at the same time, this is kinda related to having the same frequency or near frequency rates in the two persons. Dolphins can interact with you, you don't have to be a mind freak in order to talk to them, so they do all the work, you just receive.

Our mind has a very great power, but we just use a fraction of this power, it's the same way as an iceberg we just see a small fraction of it (the part above the sea level), but beneath the surface lies the largest part of it. Some people don't believe these abilities, but the problem lies within us. We think we can not do it, but we can do it, and we are also afread of anything strange, we just don't trust what we can not understand..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Knowledge Is What We Need !!

What will happen when people nowadays think differently?, well perhaps the world would become better!!? Did anyone of you ever believed that One man can make a difference?? Well I dunno about you, but for me.. That's a Fact.
If you just thought about changing the way you think about learning, high school, and colleges. Then perhaps the world will be changed someday. Most of you just set down studying, and what is your goal.. I wanna PASS my Mathematics test next week. Oops so what happened to knowledge, you wanted to become an engineer some day, or even a scientist, then Oops sorry people I forgot to Integrate the left hand side, that's why the robot didn't work.. It's a catastrophe!!
People.. We need to learn for the sake of knowledge itself, all the educational programs at schools and colleges must change to fit one's mind !! Teachers must learn how to teach the young at kindergarten and preparatory (Junior) stages.. We must change the world, or whom else would do??
So I think Knowledge is what we need, we need to think for ourselves, time not to follow somebody else.. It's time to lead...