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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Knowledge Is What We Need !!

What will happen when people nowadays think differently?, well perhaps the world would become better!!? Did anyone of you ever believed that One man can make a difference?? Well I dunno about you, but for me.. That's a Fact.
If you just thought about changing the way you think about learning, high school, and colleges. Then perhaps the world will be changed someday. Most of you just set down studying, and what is your goal.. I wanna PASS my Mathematics test next week. Oops so what happened to knowledge, you wanted to become an engineer some day, or even a scientist, then Oops sorry people I forgot to Integrate the left hand side, that's why the robot didn't work.. It's a catastrophe!!
People.. We need to learn for the sake of knowledge itself, all the educational programs at schools and colleges must change to fit one's mind !! Teachers must learn how to teach the young at kindergarten and preparatory (Junior) stages.. We must change the world, or whom else would do??
So I think Knowledge is what we need, we need to think for ourselves, time not to follow somebody else.. It's time to lead...


  1. Yes--one man with the support of many can make a difference. You are very wise! I will follow you!

    Clayrn Darrow

  2. @ CLAY: Thanks Clay, I'm not that wise, you may say that's humble, but anyway I appreciate it =)